Import library from sd

Recently updated to 2.9.2 IDE and latest firmware on my cameras (H7 Plus). My application ( resides on my sd card along with several library dependancies. All seemingly worked fine prior to my update, libraries imported fine. I could edit the main program or libraries in the IDE and save them back to the SD and rerun the program to see my changes.

After the update my program ran fine but any change I’d make in the IDE to any library files would not work. After a bit of struggling I’ve determined that there must be a copy of these library files that get stored to the internal flash which the program is then referencing instead of the ones on the SD card.

I determined this by erasing the internal flash from the IDE and then rerunning my program. After this the program worked as expected with my changes I made to the library files. However, now it appears a new copy is then written to the internal flash and this makes it very painful to make changes.

Is there a way to have the program always use the library files I have on the SD card as I program through the IDE? I’m pretty new at this so please forgive my ignorance if I am completely missing something.

Thanks in advance

To perhaps explain my issue better; I have ( and ( residing on the sd card. contains two lines of code: from myLib import myVar and print(myVar). has one line of code: myVar = 5.

When I run from the IDE, I can see that 5 prints out to the screen. When I change myVar to 10 in and save it on the sd card from the IDE and then run again, the screen still prints out 5.

Unless I erase flash memory prior to everytime I try to run the code; any updates to are not utilized. It is as if the program compiled once and utilizes that version until the camera is reset or flash memory is erased. This is not the way the program worked before I updated the IDE and camera firmware.

I am trying to understand if I am doing something wrong and how I can make updates to my dependencies without needing to erase the flash each time or reset the camera.

Thanks in advance,

You need to make sure to eject/safe remove the disk after writing from the IDE/PC/Host side, otherwise the camera will not see the changes.