files on cam not being updated from IDE?

Pardon my inexperience with this platform but I am having trouble with files on the board being updated as I edit them. Probably I am just not following the right procedures.

I have a number of modules that I had written for ESP32 that I am trying to port over to the H7. My development environment is a Ubuntu Linux machine. I am able to run the IDE and connect to the board with no problem. Also can run the ‘open script’ with the green run button.

I have various files in $HOME/Documents/OpenMV which appears to be the place that the IDE looks for files. My test code attempts to import one or more of those modules, instantiate classes, and call methods in the classes. According to the documentation the IDE will automatically identify modules that are being imported and write the files to the board.

When I try to run the test script I see a message asking if I want the imported file copied to the cam. I click yes and can see that the file has been written there. However when the script runs it says ‘no module named X’. Am I missing a step? I think I saw some mention of problems with filesystem writes not being flushed properly to the flash drive?

Yes, just make sure to umount/eject the filesystem after copying the files, reset the cam and then run the script again.

Wow, that’s pretty inconvenient.

I discovered that if I do a ‘sync’ command in a separate window after every write to the board it seems to flush the filesystem cache out to the hardware. It would be nice if the IDE would perform that automatically.

Yes, we’re working on fixing this issue.