Call and use OpenMV in another IDE.


I recently bought a several OpenMVs for my project. I was wondering if can call and use the openmv in another IDE which I used to write the main functions of my project. Simply speaking, I would like to know how to control the openMV to take pictures and save in a directory from another IDE. What libraries do I need?

I did a quick search around the forum but I am lost. If there are any existing topics, I would appreciate any one to point me in that direction.

Thank you!

We developed OpenMV IDE because other IDEs have no concept of having a video feed and code editor in one view. That said, all the OpenMV IDE code for serial support if open source. See our GitHub. It’s easiest to port if the IDE you want to port to is Qt based

Please note, OpenMV IDE is based on Qt Creator. We’ve specifically turned off a lot of it’s more advanced code editing features. But, if you let me know if something you really want I might be able to add it back in. Note that I turned off being able to edit multiple documents since it’s confusing which one gets run when you click the run button.

Finally, OpenMV IDE can detect changes on the file from another IDE and reload the file. So, you can use whatever IDE you like to write code in without any issues.