IDE editor - possible to change to emacs/vim/

Hi - I just started working with my cameras and I don’t know much about using IDE’s.
This is a minor point,
but I find dealing with the editor to be sorta painful,
and am wondering if there might be a straightforward
way to hook more powerful editors into the IDE?
I certainly understand if not,
so a simple yes “…go look here…” / no will suffice.

Hi, right now we don’t support something like that and we’ll probably not. I’m guessing you’re used to VIM key bindings. The editor interface is based on QtCreator. So, it’s certainly powerful but I hid a lot of the functionality to make the system more approachable for everyone.

Anyway, you can always edit the script in another editor. If the script file changes outside of the OpenMVIDE it will ask you if you want to re-load the file. Then just click yes and it will reload it.

Um… so, if you have another idea on how the interface will work let me know. I know the Arduino IDE can use external editors but I’m not sure how that works.

One thing I really like about the editor I use (Visual SlickEdit) is that it has an option to auto-save when the app loses focus and auto-reload when it gains focus back.

That way when I switch to any other app, make changes and when I switch back, I’ve got the updates. This is especially useful when using source code control and moving forward/backwards in time.