ide suggestions

I know you are in debug mode right now, but here are some quick suggestions to help the new user experience. says

Welcome to the OpenMV IDE! Click on the gear button above to run the script

There is no gear button.

The Serial Terminal says on startup:

Generic highlighter error: Name "commands" not found.

I don’t know what this means.

When clicking the connect (is that what is meant by the gear button?)
it says that the firmware must be upgraded. No problem, with that.
Then it says erase internal file system? No / Yes.

I’m assuming that I would normally say yes, but perhaps there is a reason I would say no. (Maybe say yes, unless you’ve got special code on board, or pictures or something.)

The script needs to be updated. That was written for the old GTK IDE.

As for erasing the file system you wouldn’t want to erase that if you had some special stuff on board.

As for the highlighter that’s just broken right now. The IDE we are using has really good support for C/C++ highlighting and a generic highlighter powered by Kate. However… the actually code to support generic highlighting has a lot of bugs in it so I have to fix them all. It’s kinda a lowest priority thing so I’ve been focusing on serial issues.

understood. I wasn’t suggesting that you jump on these right away, just something for your back pocket.

Thanks for using the system. I’m happy to have customers!