cant save script to cam

i am not able to select the option Save open script to open mv cam.i want to load the code the camera .

Hi, please connect to the camera first. Then the option will be ungrayed out.

i have connected it to camera.I have a code of tracking .py which i opened with Opemv IDE i want to load the code on camera but i cant select option save the script to camera.
Is it because i didn’t run the openMV ide as a administrator?

Ah, okay, so, then this will still be grayed out if OpenMV IDE can’t find the flash drive on your system that corresponds to the OpenMV Cam. Please click the drive label in the lower right hand corner of the IDE and see what that says.

It says ‘No valid drive were found to associate with your open MV cam’.SO what to do now??


Um, so, can you find the uPy flash drive for the OpenMV Cam on your PC. OpenMV IDE sometimes is unable to find the drive. In particular, I might not have code to automatically find it on Linux in all situations.

Um, if you can find the drive on your PC then just do Save As with your script on the flash drive as a file. That’s all the IDE is doing. It is just doing a Save As call for you.

The board’s internal flash should appear as a USB flash drive attached to your PC.

I have simillar problem, but it only occures when SD card is in. When there OpenMV H7 is seen properly. I tried formatting SD card, but it didn’t help. I know that I can just copy file to it, but is there a solution to this problem so that mv + card would also be seen?