Can't Save Script to OpenMV Cam

Hello! I’ve been having trouble with the Tools/Save Open Script to OpenMV Cam function… so I wanted to save my python script to my openmv so that it runs the moment i boot the camera… however when I do the Tools/Save Open Script to OpenMV Cam then Tools/Reset OpenMV Cam… Then I go to see the but it doesnt change to my script… I tried updating the IDE by downloading it again (since it notified me that a new update is available) and updating the firmware of the camera (as suggested by the IDE)

After that, my script still doesnt save… Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

Mmm, it’s probably an issue with the OS not flushing writes to the disk. Please try this. Do the save script to the OpenMV Cam method. Then safety remove the drive (unmount, etc). The script should be saved then when you unplug and replug the board.