openmv on f407

Hi guys,

I am trying to get openmv1 running. I know that it is not supported anymore, but you know, I had a discovery f4 board (STM32f407) lying around, and bought an ov2640 module. So based on the schematic, I did the wiring between the cam and the board, flashed the board with the firmware in the github repo. After turning on the board, the Blue LED on the schematic (which is LD8 on the discovey board) blinks in an ON-ON-OFF pattern, but the IDE can’t find the camera. So, what is the problem?! Am I missing something?!

P.S: I’m sure the board and the module are not broke, because I can grab pictures from the camera, using ChibiOS and DCMI interface.

Does the camera appear as a serial port and a USB drive on the computer and what is the serial port vid and pid?

OpenMV IDE only cares about finding a serial port with the right VID and PID.

No it doesn’t show up. Is the problem with the USB port?!

I have a little doubt about the board, but I have tested it with serial-over-USB CDC driver, and it did show up!

Also on the discvovery board, the LD4 LED which is port PD12 (not connected in the openmv schematic), goes ON! Does that show anything?!

Hi, I can’t really provide anything other than support for experts for the OMV1 firmware. I.e. you need to know exactly what you are doing and are only asking me about details about how the IDE works to get things operational… I have no idea otherwise what the issue is.