Serial port does not appear

Hi, I got my OpenMV today. Plugged it into my PC. Several LEDs flash and eventually the blue LED flashes continuously. The serial port does not appear. The IDE says to look at the preferences. No serial ports appear in the list. What am I missing?
Thanks, RonC

Hi, I’ll need more info to help you, but so far your camera is good (Hardware wise). If you’re on Linux you need to install the udev rules (copy and paste dmesg and lsusb output if there’s a problem), if you’re on Windows you need to installed the openmv.inf driver (located on the camera itself, it should show as a mass storage device) if you’re on Mac we’re still working on OSx IDE.

For more info see the following:

Ooops My USB cable is faulty, it supplies power, but nothing else. Sorry about that.
My OpenMV is now working (with a new USB cable) with the IDE.
Thanks for your quick reply.

Great feedback, I just had the same issue faulty cable.