OpenMV H7 R1 camera not detecting in IDE


I recently bought OpenMV H7 R1 Camera which shows the manufacturing date of 10/27/18. I didnt know that this cam is no longer manufactured before buying. After connecting to PC green light flashing turned to blue light flashing. Also I can see OpenMv cam USB COM Port ( Com7) showing in device manager window. After connecting my cam to PC External USB drive E also opens up. But I cannot connect to the cam by pressing connect button on lower left corner of IDE. Please help to know what am I doing wrong?


Hi, you need to update the firmware. However, this has to be done the hard way.

Do this:

  1. Connect BOOT0 to reset on the board via a wire.
  2. Plug into the PC.
  3. Click connect in the IDE and follow the prompts.
  4. The IDE will ask you to remove the wire on the board at some point. Make sure to do this.

It should be recovered then.

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Thank you so much @kwagyeman. I did what you said and it got recovered. Thanks again!