Problem connecting H7 CAM

Dear All,
I have several Cam H7 camera, I use them once a year for a month with students
I have upgraded the firmware for most of them without problems
But for 2 cameras, when I try to connect, it says nothing is connected and it request me to select the camera type (H7243) then it erases internal files and upgrade the firmware.
But at the end it does not work (no message), and the LED is blinking green continuously
Thank you for your help,

Hi, please use the old IDE: Release OpenMV IDE Release · openmv/openmv-ide · GitHub

The new one sometimes fails to update the firmware on windows. I have a fix for this already that I can release with a new IDE release. However, I haven’t yet been able to get to this.

yes it works with older 2.9.2 IDE version.
Please tell me when it will be fixed for new IDE.
Best Regards

Have to get some time to update it which is short. Please use the old IDE for now.

Hello, i got the same problem but this post helped me, just to notice you that the openmv m7 have the same problem.
Thank you for the support.

I try to install the latest IDE on a new PC but it seems that the problem is still here,
I had to come back to 2.9.2 version.
Best Regards,

The new IDE should not have this problem. We’ve heavily updated it since last year.

You may wish to update your firmware/bootloader with OpenMV IDE.

To do this connect BOOT0 to VCC and then plug the camera into the IDE. Follow the prompts to update everything to the latest.

Thank you I am going to try.
I have also another question : I have installed the same configuration on another PC (2.9.2)
but when I plug the camera with cable and try to connect I have the message “Error : The specified path was not found”

May be it is due to the drive D: already used on the other PC

Hello, Thank you, it is OK now, it works. Best Regards