Bad image after firmware update

Hello, after updating the firmware in one of my H7 plus camera, the image appears with the colors altered, as in negative filter mode.
I have updated several times but the problem doesn’t fix.
I simply try the example and the image shows with bad colors.

Are you sure you’re uploading the right firmware ? Is it just this one camera or all of them ? The terminal window should show something like this:

MicroPython: v1.17-omv-r1 OpenMV: v4.1.3 HAL: v1.9.0 BOARD: OPENMV4P-STM32H743

Hello, I’m having problems with another camera too.
The proccess is the following:

  • With the IDE started, I plug in the camera
  • I press on the Connect button (down left of the screen)
  • Message “No camera found” appears. I accept
  • Message “Is a camera connected and blocked?” appears. I press yes .
  • Message “select camera appears”. I select H7 Plus (both cameras are H7 Plus R3)
  • Message “Delete internal files?” appears. I select Yes.
  • Message “Unconnect & connect again the camera”. I do it, and the process of deleting and programming starts.
  • When the process finishes, the camera is in the same state as before.

I’ve been working with several OpenMV cameras for quite a long time and never had this problem.

What should I do?

Please run, then stop the script and take a screenshot of the IDE and post it.

Please check the version of your camera. Another user had this exact same issue:

import omv

It should say: OMV4P H7 32768 SDRAM

If it says something else the wrong firmware was loaded onto it at the factory. SingTown messed up some units last year and loaded the wrong firmware. You can manually fix using the IDE Run Bootloader feature.

After trying to update the firmware again, both cameras are in the same state: the IDE does not recognise them, so I can’t do anything with them.
When I select Tools->Load firmware it asks for the file to load. Which one should I select? I have tried with USERS…\OPENMV4P\firmware.bin and it doesn’t work.

That’s the correct file to load. It should just work.

What exact doesn’t happen?

I just had a similar issue on the H7 plus, except when the IDE updated the firmware, the board failed to reconnect to the IDE. It kept asking if the unit was bricked, and upon reinstalling the firmware, it would again ask the board was bricked.

I eventually got around this by installing the firmware for the H7 (not plus, so “OPENMV4”). The camera would start up, but the colors were messed up, an image would show, but there was a lot of green.

I downloaded both versions 4.1.3 and 4.1.2 of the firmware (from your github, here: Releases · openmv/openmv · GitHub). I started out with manually installing the firmware.bin file under “OPENMV4P” on v4.1.3. This exhibited the same non-communication issue as when the IDE installed the firmware.

When I manually installed firmware.bin under v4.1.2, there were no more issues. the board could talk with the IDE and there were no color issues. I believe there is an issue with firmware v4.1.3 for the H7 plus units.

Also, if it helps you out, the information displayed in my IDE regarding the board and firmware is:
MicroPython: v1.15-r63 OpenMV: v4.1.2 HAL: v1.9.0 BOARD: OPENMV4P-STM32H743

also, my output for omv.arch() is:
OMV4P H7 32768 SDRAM

Thank you

I can assure you there’s no issue with 4.1.3 on H7+

Do you happen to have a different sensor maybe ? Let me know if it’s not the OV5640 and I’ll test it.

I just did an update and all of a sudden the connection with camera is no longer possible. Only when I played the old software on the camera it went again. There is most likely a bug inside of the new firmware

please correct the error

Okay yeah I can see an issue possibly with the flash, it seems to only work with an SD connected.


Thank you =)

I have just installed the latest version of the IDE and it fixed the problem. I guess it includes the new v4.1.4 version of the firmware.
Both cameras are working good.
Thank you !!