Defective Camera Image

Hello all,

I’ve been working on a project using the H7 plus with a wide angle lens.

Booting up today to run some code, initially I had trouble connecting to a RaspberryPi, eventually was prompted to flash the board after which I was faced with a pink and yellow/lime image which was notably more pixelated than usual. I ran the example to showcase what I’m seeing. Understandably this had a knock-on effect on feature detection but I’m wondering if you have an idea of what could have cause the issue and any potential solutions?

Using the image streaming as jpg exmaple using VCP, I’m able to upload the code as “” on the board, however the code which runs on the RaspberryPi afterwards doesn’t show either image or feature information (using AprilTags). This was working less than 24h ago, before the issue was present.

Using the IDE afterwards does connect and can detect the AprilTags, but we need the functionality to pass the information and the image to the Pi.

I can post the code if necessary, just wanted to keep an updated version of what does and doesn’t work as we resolve the issue.

Hi, please try the latest firmware (3.8.0) first and then let us know if the issue is not fixed.

Hi, keep getting time out errors. After which the green LED keeps flashing.

I think you’re uploading the wrong firmware.

I’ve tried the various options to be sure, same result with the time out. Some time out almost instantly in the programming pahse, the one for the H7 Plus (which is the board I’m using) gets to about 60% then times out.

Edit: I’ve tried reinstalling the latest version of the IDE also but no luck.

Hi, from the issue you are having it’s because you camera has the regular H7 firmware onboard versus the H7 Plus firmware. A mistake was made with our first batch of these where the wrong firmware was loaded onboard some number of cameras.

To fix this issue you have to manually download the H7 Plus firmware from our GitHub release folder and then reflash the camera.

Download this firmware here:

Grab the firmware.bin file from the OPNEMV4P folder.

Use Tools->Runbootloader to load that file.

Hi, The same issue continues. The bootloader times out.

The bootloader times out how ? Can you post screenshots or a screen recording ? Also it might be worth trying on Linux, could be a Windows issue.

That is peculiar, I tried it this morning while recording and it worked without me chaning the file path which was saved from last night. So for now it seems to be working fine, thank you both for your help.

Edit: At this point I tested in the IDE with the and april tage finding scripts. Later broke when trying to upload other scripts to work without the IDE.

Hate to reopen the thread. Basically I did what you said to upload the firmware and worked as I mentioned previously. Then later today picking up the programming tasks, the AprilTag detection and JPG image were not being sent using VNC after I uploaded the code to the camera.

I tried checking everything and after going back to the script again… the camera isn’t working again in the same fashion as before. This time I captured the uploading of the firmware as requested before.

I really wouldn’t use the Rapsberry Pi to program the camera. Please use Linux or Windows. The bootloader loading code isn’t tuned for that platform.

Is that for the firmware/bootloader or changing the file?

The bootloader in the IDE is designed for Windows/Mac/Linux. It’s not really designed for the Pi. I.e. I haven’t tested it heavily on the Pi and tried different OSes and etc. I tried it on my Pi and it works. However, I can’t say how stable it is.

Getting that timeout error means there’s some issue with the way the USB stack generates USB packets that I will have to fix.