Bricked OpenMv Cam H7 Plus

I’m having an issue with my H7 plus. When I power the cam, I get a rapid flashing green light.
I’ve tried to un-brick it multiple times with no results. Even without the sd card. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

The green light is the boot loader. Please click connect in the ide and follow the prompts.

I’m still getting the green boot loader light. I’ve gone through the prompt multiple times in the ide. When I connect the cam, it only stays connected for two seconds then it disconnects on its own.

It sounds like it’s stuck in a boot loop, are you sure you’re uploading the H7+ firmware.bin and not something else?

Well. I’ve been using the H7 plus firmware with no success but for some reasons the regular H7 firmware works…partially. The camera connected to the computer but the lcd shield doesn’t work. The Camera doesn’t recognize the sd card as well it seems. I’m kind of stuck at the moment.

Hmmm, yeah, you definitely don’t want to put the H7 firmware on a plus board. Maybe your SD RAM is bad on the board?

That is the conclusion I’ve come to. The cam only works with the H7 firmware. When I load the plus firmware, it gets stuck in boot loader mode. I connected my H7 plus to my rc receiver in my plane. It worked great for a few months but for some reason it stared to flash green by itself. I’m going to try running a .py script from the onboard storage without the usb connected to see if it can run in standalone. Worse case I’ll use this cam for development and testing until the replacement arrives. Thank you :pray:

You should use the firmware for the cam you have, there’s a chance you can damage it with the wrong one… Can you try to erase the flash FS from the IDE ? when uploading the firmware there’s a check box to erase it…

It looks like the damage is physical sadly. I erased the flash and uploaded the firmware and it’s still stuck in boot loader mode.