NXP Evaluation Kit for OpenMV RT

I saw the announcement of the new OpenMV Cam RT. Excited to use it when it comes out!! WIll be one of your first customers.

Will it be using the RT1052 or RT1060 MCU?

I would like to start testing some of my current application on the NXP Evaluation Kit. Should I use the

Thanks for all your great work with OpenMV!

It’s most likely going to be the 1060. I want to use the 1050 to save costs… but, initial testing shows it has half the performance because we use the extra RAM as an L2 cache. So, not having it hurts your FPS greatly on higher resolutions.

Anyway, this is all TDB once we get samples back.

You have probably considered this.
What about the RT1064 at 600MHZ with 4 MB of on-chip flash and 1 MB of on-chip SRAM, pin-to-pin compatible with RT1050 and RT1060?

When you say half the performance, is that compared to the H7 Cam?

The RT1064 is unbuyable. So, we are not using it. Also, it more expensive than just using external flash.

I did the performance test on the H7 Plus. Basically, shrunk the RAM used from 1MB to 512KB. This results in the FPS at larger resolutions getting but by half.

So, I need to redo this on the IMX line. But, the results are likely to be the same.

So are you expecting the OpenMV Cam RT to be slower than the H7 Plus? And the reason the RT is slower is because of the smaller RAM?

The RT1064’s is basically the same as the RT1060, the “internal flash” is just a serial NOR “in-package” flash, so it’s not any faster, and the RT1060 also has 1MB RAM and runs at 600MHz.

No I did some testing with the 64 and it’s faster than the H7.

When do you expect to release the firmware for the OpenMV RT? I would like to start testing my current application on the NXP Evaluation Kit IMXRT1060-EVKB. Will it be compatable with the NXP Evaluation Kit.

@iabdalkader can comment about that. The issue is that the PRs to MicroPython need to be merged before Ibrahim’s branch can be merged.

It’s going to be a while, l first need to get some code merged upstream, then need to update to MicroPython 1.20 before releasing the firmware, and it might not be compatible with the EVKB, I know that we’re using different pinout at least.

Saw the announcement of the OpenMV RT boards arriving from Microfab. Fantastic news! Do you expect the firmware will also be released when you ship the sample boards?

Yes, we should hopefully have everything merged in a month.