openmv will use NXP RT1050 in next version?

rt1050 has 600Mhz freq, mean that will very fast than stm32h7,and 1050 only 3¥。i think rt1050 is a very goog choice。

It requires use to change the HAL which we’re leveraging from MicroPython. So, it’s not that easy to move to. Time limits on myself are very real. Additional, since it doesn’t have the flash onboard the actual performance is going to be kinda bad. We do random access color table lookups which will trash the cache on the MCU. Not sure why they made the flash external… But, it’s a big problem. The ST chip moves 256 bits of flash data at 400 MHz. The NXP chip can only talk to flash over 4 bits at sub 200 MHz. Kinda of a large difference there…

The price is amazing though. We hope this forces ST to lower their CPU price.