100 fps H7+


I just saw the 100+ fps IR LED demo with the H7 plus cropping at the sensor running at 100 fps and it was awesome. I updated my IDE to 2.4.0 and H7 plus firmware to 3.6.2 but when I run the example I get "AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘IOCTL_GET_READOUT_WINDOW’. Is this feature not release yet?

Thanks for you help!

firmware.zip (1.2 MB)

Thank you! Just tried it out and it works great.

Let us know if make an example using sensor readout cropping for tracking apriltags.

Sure, I’ll post a video when I do it.

Dear OpenMV H7,
I am very new to this forum of which I’m seeking advice:

After watching the video “100+ FPS IR LED Tracking with OpenMV Cam Ht Plus”, I would like to ask the following:

I wish to propel a 19 mm O.D. sphere into a 840 nM IR field, and have the reflected image capture by OpenMV. I’m not interested in viewing the video since all I’m interested is in capturing the centroid coordinates ( one or more spheres) as it pass by. The data would be collected and inserted into an array for later triangulation processing using the Teensy 3.6

Assuming I maintain proper IR lighting, can I obtain samples greater or better then 1 milli-second? What would be my maximum sampling rate (FPS) ?

I recently read of a future camera running on Portenta H7 and was wondering if it (when it comes out) would do the job?

I am a retired physics teacher and have been greatly interested in working and learning about micro-controllers.

Thank you very much for your time and efforts.




1st, the Portenta is up to Arduino. We were asked to make binary builds for it. However, I don’t know when it’s coming out or what hardware will come with it.

2nd, the FPS for the OV5640 is limited to about 120 fps. If you want sub 1 millisecond you are definitely in the realm of super high spec cameras. The best we can do is with our global shutter camera module which can reach 400 fps.

I have added readout control to the global shutter camera code yet. But, it can potentially do the same trick I am doing with the OV5640 of moving a low resolution readout window around to follow an object in order to get you a very high fps.

Thank you for replying.
Can I achieve QQQQVGA of 800 FPS ?
Thank you

Nope - Camera won’t do it.

Processing sure. But, the camera won’t do that.