Running IR LED tracking at higher fps using OpenMV H7 R2 camera module

I am currently trying to run the openmv example code for tracking IR led light source . When I run the program, and as soon as the exposure is reduced and I shine a IR light, the frame rate drops to around 6 fps and also it just keep showing that the x+/- limit has reached. Now i know this example code has been written keeping in mind the 5MP sensor but is there a way I can use it on H7 R2?

No, the sensor is different and doesn’t function the same.

I tried… to make this example work and it won’t. The MT9M114 doesn’t allow register updates to move around the camera readout area like the OV5640.

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Thanks for the email response. No worries, I noticed that the blob detection algorithm does work and it seems to be running at close to 40fps which is good enough for my application. Do you know If there would be delay if I run the code onboard? Also can I tailor the code to only detect two large light spots in the FOV of the camera?

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Hi, the code is designed to run onboard and be fast.

As for two large spots, use the area and pixel threshold arguments. These allow you to filter for large solid objects.