Cheers all! I have been looking around for quite a while until I found OpenMV, and I wasn’t hesitant to purchase it right away. Although it is not currently available at this time, I was curious as to when it may become available for purchase, and, any price estimates for the camera itself along with some of the other components? Thanks to all for any information!

We have a fire sale going on right now where you can purchase some of our units. However, they are very alpha. See the products page on our website. There’s a banner with a link to our store.

As for when we’ll have stuff ready… Well, we’ll be doing pre-orders soon for that. It looks like we’ll be getting our camera stock of 1500 units next week and we’ll be building cameras the week after that. Once we confirm the camera quality we’ll open the store for pre-orders.

After we can finish our Kickstarter things will be generally available.