When will the units be able to be purchased?

Should be there in a few weeks, from multiple retailers.

In my company we are anxious to have one OpenMV CAm!!

I need one board too! I start thinking about do it my self… when it will be in sale ?! I can not wait until already. :slight_smile:

We’re working on getting them ready. Currently, the first panel of cameras is undergoing testing and manufacturing issues are being fixed.

Please tell me when the board is available

We’re seriously working on getting the camera sensors to solder correctly. It has been delaying us. We can’t give a date. However, we are very behind schedule.

waiting to see this thing working for a year. It sure has no real alternatives to date.
It’s been a while since last post, so -
Any estimates on when and retail prices?

Hi, we updated the kickstarter with a lot of new info. Please check it out. (The updates section). Everything you need to know for now is there.

sorry, the order number is 1053 and the USPS tracking number: LN448569976US

Thank you.

Yes, you can order what you need from our store:

You can buy them now on our store. Please visit our products page. Note: If you’re buying one now you’re going to be getting very beta stuff. But, we’ll have firmware updates constantly.