Anyone have an OpenMV RT yet?

I made a pre-order yesterday, just curious if these have started to land in peoples hands yet? Excited to work on a project I have in mind for it. Can hardly wait…

Hi, production SMT work will be starting in the middle of October. So, we will likely ship at the end of the month.

I have prototype units otherwise if you want one now. However, the SD card and power input switching doesn’t work on them.

Thanks for the heads up! I’m fine to wait for the production batch. Curious once those arrive how available the boards will be moving forward? We are considering using the board for a commercial product and just want to be sure we don’t leave ourselves (and customers) on an island. Great days ahead!

We have a stock of chips to build future boards at the same price for a long time.

The design effort to pick parts for this product and etc. was done given the lessons of the chip shortage. We should be fine with stock of the system this time. We will be doing 2500 unit batches at a time.