is anybody aware of openMV-based projects making it to production?

Just curious if anyone is aware of any openMV projects making it to a production setting? I’m most interested in how projects graduate from ‘prototyping board’ to being mountable/installable in a commercial setting. for example, in dome camera housings or wall mount camera housings/brackets? has anyone ever done this with an openMV based design?

I’ve seen people take our design and remix it into products. E.g. you take the eagle files and build your own version.

Thanks. Do you happen to have any links to examples we can check out?

Folks don’t share this information publicly really. Nor am I allowed to share such info online publicly either.

That said, we want to have more business sales in the future and plan to improving board build quality and features for this. The price may go up… but, we should be able to make the system a lot better for folks. We have a partnership with Group Gets for something really cool that we’ll announce soon where we made a custom OpenMV Cam that’s done with all the production quality finishes.