Operating Temperature for the H7 and H7 Plus?

What is the ambient operating temperature for these devices?
I have an application that might operate at -10 deg F


The specs are on the product page. Assuming no condensation you should be able to do -10F

OK, I am a bit concerned about having the micro SD card at the low temperature as well.
I wish there was a way to include the TF file on the PCB rather than on the SD card.

That would be the H7 Plus. It has Quad SPI flash for this.

What happens to the H7 or H7 plus if the weather gets colder than their operating temperature (like -20F)? Does the unit just shut down until it warms up? Or would I need to code something in so that it uses lepton temps to know when it’s getting too cold and to shut the unit down through code to prevent damage?

I have no idea. If the STM32 gets too cold you just have hold time issues in the logic circuits where they run faster than the flip flop hold times causing the chip to do incorrect things. As for the FLIR. It probably just goes out of a range that it gives valid readings.

To be clear, you should look at the component datasheets and then not use the device in a temperature lower than the minimum temp of all parts.

Answering questions on Christmas, that’s some dedication! Happy holidays to you guys.

I will plan on having something measure outside temperature and stop power to the unit when it hits -10F or so. Then supply power back when the temp rises. Bears SHOULD be asleep at these temps anyway.