Operating Temperature Range of RT1062


We were using H7+ for our projects which has temperature range between -20 to 70 Celsius. We want to upgrade to RT1062. However, RT1062 has range between 0 to 70 Celsius and the lower temperatures are critical for us. What is the reason behind that H7+ can operate up to -20 Celsius but RT1062 can not?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, the processor, WiFi Chipset, and SDRAM are not rated to go below 0C. They are all the consumer variants of the chip.

The industrial variants of the processor don’t run at 600 MHz but at 528 MHz. So, going below 0C will likely result in the processor having issues. We push the SDRAM to it’s max too. So, it may also have issues to going below 0C.

Future OpenMV Cams will be industrial-rated and will achieve [-25C to 70C] or [-25C to 85C].