OpenMV H7 plus R3 Overheating

Hello, I have Two OpenMV H7 Plus , and both of them overheat when i using the camera , they operate fine , but the overheating is a problem , someone have a same problem , how was fix it ?

That’s not a normal problem. What environment are you using them in? They do get warm. However, they should not overheat.

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I read the internal temp via the onboard temperature sensor and got a temp 49 c , is a correct temp ?

Yeah, that would be inside the die area. However, that’s nowhere near the maximum temperature limit.

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I was do more test and got temp 60 C on the uC , i guess is a correct temp, the max value is 85 C, right?

85 is the ambient temp max. The junction temp on the chip itself from its internal temperature sensor can go higher.

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