Openmv cam H7 crashing

Hello. I have an openmv H7 thermal camera that keeps on crashing every 8-10 minutes. I was wondering if this is an overheating issue and if adding a heatsink would help. Additionally could updating the firmware potentially solve this issue as well?

It could be anything. If your code is doing something very bad that could cause an issue. A heatsink shouldn’t be required.

Please provide more information.

Also, there are many bug fixes in the latest unreleased development firmware.

I am just running it with the example file provided in the openmv ide. I have not changed anything in the example code and ran it as is.

Ah, and it’s with a FLIR Lepton adapter with a FLIR Lepton 3.5?

Who did you purchase the H7 Camera from? We sold out a while ago.

Yes it’s with a flir lepton adapter and flir 3.5. I purchased it directly from openmv.

Okay, um, do you have any information that would help me debug this? The system normally doesn’t crash every 10 minutes.