OpenMV h7 Bricked?

I have been working with my OpenMV h7 camera for some days now. I am trying to use the RPC library to control it from my laptop. It has been a lot of plugging and unplugging, and I am now having some issues.

  1. The camera is sending frames back to my laptop, but the pictures don’t appear in the screen, which makes me think the sensor in the camera might have had an internal error.

  2. The camera works normally (besides the frame problem). However, when I try to flash its firmware, the camera panics (the led starts blinking white).

I would really appreciate some feedback on this problems, and any suggested steps to either fix or try to get a replacement for the camera, thanks.

Hi, can you go through the unbricking steps in the IDE? Press connect when the camera is not attached.

As for the RPC library. How did you modify the script? I’ve confirmed this works fine previously. Like, does the default script work without issue?

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It might have been a noob mistake on my end. I didn’t know there was an unbricking process in the IDE, I just tried to flash the frimware over and over. Yes the unbricking in the IDE fixed the camera, and I can confirm that the default example scripts were (and are) working.

Thanks for the quick response!