H7 camera flashes red when plugged in, then starts blinking white

My H7 camera is not recognized by my pc (Windows 10), the LED goes green when first plugged in,then red, then starts flashing white until it is unplugged. I don’t have an SD card in.

UPDATE: Now it’s blinking green with a white blink every few seconds???

Have you tried reflashing the firmware ?

I feel dumb for asking but how do I do that? Also thanks for the suggestion.

Hi, where did you buy the OpenMV Cam from? Is the PCB board red and does it have a qrcode on the back of it?

The white flashing LED indicates a hardware failure typically. Reflashing the firmware sometimes can fix this. You can do so by clicking the connect button on OpenMV IDE without the OpenMV Cam attached and following the prompts. This will reflash the firmware possibly fixing the camera. If there’s actually a hardware failure and not actually the firmware just being programmed incorrectly.

I reflashed the firmware and it fixed it! Thank you for your help. Can’t wait to do cool stuff with this cam.