Can't detect my H7 camera

Hey all, I have two H7 cameras and when plug them to my computer the blue led is blinking after the green one. I open the OpenMV Gui and try to find the camera but nothing shows up. The device manager doesn’t update either. I tried the reboot thing but nothing works.

Hi, your USB cable may be power only. Please verify you can get data using another device with the cable.

ok, so this worked for my H7. but it doesn’t with my M7. I have the right cable and my computer detects the cam but I can’t erase the internal files and restart the camera. all along I have a green LED blinking.

If it’s just a green LED flashing repeatedly then that means the main firmware is bad. You’ll need to bootload the device.

This has to be done via the DFU bootloader. Please click the connect button in the IDE and then follow the prompts. Click cancel on the normal bootloader and proceed to the DFU bootloader.