Camera not detected


I have a newly purchased H7 camera which unfortunately I am struggling to get it to function.
The LED on the unit flashes green and white ( green high frequency, white low frequency ).
If I try to unbrick it through the IDE, it goes through the “erasing” and “programming” stages apparently OK ( with only green flashing LED ), but fails the self test.
I have had a second H7 camera for a while and it behaves fine, using the same usb cable and PC>
Any wise words would be most appreciated.

Hi, if it fails the self test can you confirm that the camera module connector is okay and clean and seated well? We do test every camera that ships so this shouldn’t be an issue.

It all looks fine to me, but is still misbehaving.

Mmm, where did you get it from?

That’s one of ours. I can give you a refund so you can buy another. Send me the receipt via email for a new purchase.

Many thanks will do so.