H7 doesn't work right

excuse my frustration but it seems like these devices are on a hard-coded and timed self-destruct code. This is the second H7 thats done this in almost literally the same time frame.

So i tried the regular get_object_temp code and it actually works for maybe 1 frame when its loading(flashes greyscale). Then the screen turns yellow and unusable.
Then i tried the get object temp LCD script… it works but it is super dark suddenly and is mandatory to edit some numbers.

When i first get the devices they actually work and its not completely mandatory to edit it. But after a couple months pass of it literally sitting they just stopped working.
The hardware is perfectly soldered. Even tried resetting the DFU with the jumper wire but the H7 will not register ONLY when the BOOT and RST pins are connected.

I am just done with this. 2nd one. same time frame before the hardware codes timer expires and broke itself. I’ve had my paranoid thoughts about this company before i received a new one. Was able to get it to work. Literally, disconnected power and put it immediately away in a cabinet last time i used it.

i have no kids and noone around to mess with it . I’m wondering why is it a SUDDEN problem and this is not the first time.


There could be a few reason:

  1. There are a lot of clone devices on the market not sold by us. These don’t use our reference design. It’s possible that they use worse passive parts. It’s also possible that the main chip was removed from another product and resoldered onto the camera.

  2. It’s possible for ESD damage to break the camera. We did improve the construction of the RT1060 to include ESD protection on every interface. Note that the H7 doesn’t have ESD protection on its USB interface… so, it can get zapped by a charged up USB cable.

I have 20 of the H7 original devices in my hardware drawer that all work though… so, it’s definitely not that they have a timer that just causes them to die.

Can you email us at openmv@openmv.io? We are now shipping the RT1060 and I can send you a free one if you have receipts that show you bought these two camera from us or our distributors.