OpenMV Problem

My camera has a problem: When I connect it to the laptop, it tries to connect, but just stops and blinks white the whole time. My laptop doesn’t recognize the camera either. I didn’t do anything to the camera, it just happened and then never fixed by itself. I can’t do anything with the camera, because I can’t connect it to ANY computer. It is not the cable either, because it works with the camera from my friends.

Do you know, what the issue could be, and how to fix it? Or do I need a new OpenMV…?


Have you tried re-flashing the firmware ? Tools->Run Bootloader

The white LED flashing is a hardware failure on the camera. If you can’t fix this by going through the un-bricking prompts with OpenMV IDE then it could be a bad camera. We do test the cameras before they exit the factory so it’s unlikely if it’s one of our units (there are clones out there however).