OpenMV Cam H7 Plus microSD card overheating

Hello! Recently, I have started tinkering with the OpenMV Cam. However, the microSD card slot, as well as the card itself, are always overheating(hot enough to cause a burn on the skin) even if there is no program running on it. The micro SD card eventually broke from overheating, and it stopped overheating when there was no micro SD card in the slot. I thought that I may have been using an SD card that was not appropriate for the OpenMV Cam (it was a 16GB microSDHC card). Can anyone please tell me whether the SD Card is the issue? If so, which type of microSD card should I use?

Hi, that sounds like a direct short on the PCB. This has nothing to do with software. There is an electrical issue with the PCB you are using. It sounds like a 3.3V short to ground.

Was this board damaged? Is it from us?

Oh, I see. I bought the board from DFRobot, and as far asI can tell, it is not damaged. As I mentioned earlier, the SD card slot only overheats when there is an SD card in the slot. Otherwise, it works perfectly fine. Is there any way to fix this issue (aside from not using a microSD card)?

I would check if the card slot is damaged and if there’s a short in it. The circuit for SD cards is very simple. We just supply 3.3V and there’s a ground. They shouldn’t short unless the card itself was about to die and damaged or something already.

I checked the microSD card slot circuit, and it seemed fine, but I am not 100% sure. Would it help if I gave a picture of my board?

Kinda hard to see inside the slot. I guess you could try another card. If it gets host too and breaks you know there’s a short then on the uSD card slot. Not sure what could cause this though. These things never short generally.

Thanks for your help. I swapped the microSD card, and it worked without overheating.