OpenMV not connecting to Arduino RP2040 Connect

Howdy, I have tried to connect my Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect to OpenMV in order to install the firmware, but it will not work. I put the device into bootloader mode and then attempt to connect it in accordance with documentation. The indicator on the bottom left detects there is a board but will not install the firmware. The Arduino IDE will detect the board, Thonny detects it, but OpenMV will not.
The error I get says: “Timeout error while getting firmware version!”

Any insight to the issue would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Which IDE are you using?

Also, the error you are getting suggest that the device is not in bootloader mode, that it’s still in regular mode. Please make sure that you see a USB drive appear attached to your PC. This will let you know when the board is in bootloader mode. You need to pull the REC high pin to put the device into bootloader mode.