Very old OpenMv3 R1 IDE -Timeout Error when updating firmware

I have resurected 2 old openMV3 R1 boards (STM32F765), the date on the board is 10/15/2016
The IDE doesnt seem to be able to erase the onboard memory so it cant do a firmware update it just tries for a while, the board flashes green then the IDE says “Timeout Error”. I have also tried the DFU method and that fails.

I have now bricked both the boards and they were working.
Its a pity to throw them away because I know they were working, if the IDE could just update them it would be good!

Hi, please revert to the previous version of the IDE. The board should be unbricked by it.

We made the IDE load the firmware faster and this doesn’t work with all systems.

thanks, V2.9.2 worked, everything is back, this IDE version also allowed me to update the firmware on my very old wifi shield as well.