Erase gets me a timeout error

I am using an OpenMV M7.

When trying to connect it to the IDE, I get an error saying “No OpenMV cams found” but it is found and recoqnized when I connect it to the PC. The on-board led is blinking green.

When replying yes to the “bricked”-question and then to the erase question, the erasing starts, but after a short while, it times out, with an error message stating the simple “timeout error”. I chose the model M7 in the dropdown and it says M7 on the back of the board.

How do I get a working connection with the device from the IDE? Does this mean my board is toast?

Hi, your camera is fine. The latest IDE has some problems working on everyone’s PC. Can you installed the previous release of OpenMV IDE? This should be able to flash your board.