OpenMV ide firmware update problem


I am a user who wishes to use the OpenMV Cam RT1062. After installing and running the OpenMV IDE and connecting the OpenMV Cam RT1062, I clicked the run button at the bottom left. However, it says the firmware is outdated and needs to be updated. When I proceed with the update, nothing changes and it stays in this state for more than 5 seconds, and I have to force close the program.

Could you please assist me with this issue? I am not a developer; I simply want to use the OpenMV Cam RT1062 for object recognition. Thank you very much!

If you need any further assistance with the translation or the technical issue, please let me know!

Hi, it’s most likely failing because your computer blocks USB HID access without administrator support. The bootloader for the RT1062 updates the firmware in USB HID mode. If it can’t get USB HID access, then it gets stuck.

So, do this and run the IDE in administrator mode. The bootloader process spawned by the IDE will then be able to update the OpenMV Cam RT1062 firmware.

Some PCs need you to do this, and some do not. It shouldn’t be required on a generic Windows 11 machine.

Our STM32 cameras work without requiring this as they use DFU or CDC USB mode which do not require admin mode.