OpenMV IDE Does Not Open Past Splash Screen


I was using the standard IDE at the latest release for Windows 2.6.9 and after closing the IDE it suddenly/randomly failed to reopen. I have been using the IDE for weeks with no error, now all that happens is a brief display of the splash screen followed by an immediate crash. Here is what I have tried to do to solve the issue:

-Ran the IDE from the installation folder as admin
-Reset the computer both standard and hard reset
-Reinstalled the IDE at different releases as admin
-Cleaned temporary files after uninstallation before reinstalling
-Updated Windows
-CMD prompt as admin → sfc/scannow → no errors
-Windows Firewall exclusion of the IDE
-Checked necessary windows services are running

If anyone has any ideas I can attempt that would be great, currently using the IDE for work and this has put a bit of a stall on the week as I am unable to send the Camera any scripts.

Hi, sorry for getting back to you late.

Just delete this folder in /AppData/Romaing/OpenMV

Then the IDE will work. What’s happening is that it’s setting file got corrupted which will cause the IDE to crash.

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Thank you, that fixed the issue!