openmv suddenly crashed

when working in the ide for several ours (with datasets) it suddenly crashed
when I open the IDE, it shows the splash screen for split-second and then crashes.
I have tried to start as admin but it don’t work
I have restarted the computer and unplugged/re-plugged the camera but no luck.
I have uninstalled and installed but the problem remain
The same problem accrued earlier in this week on my laptop. So for the moment I don’t have any working pc with openmv ide.

I am using windows 10

Any advice for me please?

Hi, it could be the dataset folder. Do this, rename you dataset folder. This will stop the ide from loading it on startup.

How many files are in your dataset folder?

You have saved my day
It was 15 or 16 pictures in the dataset

Mmm, it wasn’t the images then. There’s a file system watcher class that’s a little finicky. I noticed it could crash the app when it’s not happy. That said, so don’t have a fix for why it crashed.