Openmv ide crashes about 2 minutes after opening


I updated to the latest IDE this morning, and after opening a file, it will just randomly close after being open for just over 2 minutes.

I have just reinstalled 4.0.7, and 2.9.7 and it does the same thing. I was using it last week with 4.0.7 and not having any issues.

However when I installed 4.0.1, I am not having any issues.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


This is very weird…

I changed around the scanning code that looks for boards attached.

Can you provide some info?

What operating system and does it crash if you just launch the IDE and let it sit there? E.g. don’t connect to the board? Or does it crash after you connect to the board?

It happens on both a MacBook pro and mac mini both running windows 10 bootcamp.
There seems to be no correlation between having a camera plugged in or not, or running a program or anything. It will still crash after 2 minutes or so.
It will still crash even if just the hello world script opens and nothing is touched or connected or anything. As I said I am having no issues on either machine with 4.0.1, so I am using that atm, but happy to reinstall another version for testing.

I did get the issue a few others had with the error when installing and ignored that too.

Let me know if there is any more information you need

Yeah, that install error is from Arduino drivers having some issues. It’s unrelated.

As for this issue, we updated the dfu-util tools from Arduino. What’s probably happening is that they are throwing an error that I haven’t seen before and a code path runs that crashes the IDE…

Let me see if it happens on my Mac.

Thank you, if there’s any debugging or anything I can do let me know.

I have edited my last reply to make it clearer as I can see it wasn’t, but both macs are running bootcamp so I used the windows installer for all of them.

Hi, can you test out the code here: Release Development Release · openmv/openmv-ide · GitHub

If that doesn’t work… if possible, can you try out all the versions released until you get to 4.0.1 and let me know when the issue occurs.

Apologies for taking so long to get back, some other work has been a priority lately.
The development release works, as does the now officially released 4.0.11.

I did go back just out of curiosity and 4.0.6 is the latest release that works.

Thanks for getting this sorted!

Great! I just updated the website to point to 4.0.11.

It looks like it was an issue with locking. I fixed that with proper mutexes.

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