macOS BigSur version 11.5.2 Not working?

I was trying to install OpenMV IDE after update my mac system. but it just shows splash screen and hangs any Idea?

Did you previously have it installed? If so, delete the <user_folder>/.config/OpenMV IDE folder and this should reset the IDE back to default.

No, It is fresh installation, I am trying to install after my OS update (re install new os version). it just show splash screen and see a message box, click on splash screen it says “please close any program that are viewing/editing OpenMV IDE’s application data and then restart OpenMV IDE!”

Oh, it doesn’t have write access then. Run it as admin so it can modify its config files.

However, you should also check your user folder permissions and see why admin is needed. LS on your user .config folder and see who owns it.

Thanks, that was the issue i think. i think this application should give such a message.

The IDE can’t tell what’s the issue. If another application is using the folder this can happen too.

Sorry, I mean IDE can identify that folder/file not accessible, if application give same information as message, it will be more useful for user.