Openmv IDE 2.6.5 Won't Open for OSX Catlina 10.15.7

Hello everyone. I recently installed Openmv IDE 2.6.5 onto OSX Catalina 10.15.7. Every time I try to open it, I get an error telling me “Please close any programs that are viewing/editing OpenMV IDE’s application data and then restart OpenMV IDE!”. I click ok, and the IDE closes. Has anyone else ran into this issue, as I’m failry new to Openmv, and have not been able to open this version of the IDE. Thank you.

Hi, I’m about to release a new version this week. Hopefully your issue gets fixed.

This issue happens however because the IDE cannot write to the your config directory to copy resources (~/.config/OpenMVIDE on Mac). Try launching the IDE with sudo. It only needs to do that write once on the first startup after an update of the IDE or resources.

Hi Nyamekye,
I’m still seeing the same issue with your latest release (Openmv IDE 2.6.7). I will give the sudo run on the terminal a shot as a workaround. Thanks!

Okay, I don’t know what the issue is then. However, the code is designed to throw that error when it can’t delete and/or update its private config settings.

This isn’t an error related to the code but to your security settings preventing the IDE from updating its resources folder. A solution would be to delete the resource folder. OpenMV IDE stores its settings in the standard application settings directory.

Thanks, opening it using “sudo” worked!