OPENMV H7 stopped working


I have been coding for about a week. The h7 suddenly stopped working. Windows no longer picks it up. With some luck I got it programmed again after the 10th try using DFU. But now only one USB port is picking the device up, but then not for long. It seems the device no longer works.

I have not connected anything to the device only the global shutter camera and the micro USB plug.

It seems that once you have rebooted the device about 500 times or so, it stops working.


Hi, it can you load an example that blinks an LED on an SD card and attach it to the camera? The hardware doesn’t trivially break. It could be the USB cable or the connector on the camera breaking for some reason.

We have dev units that we’ve been flashing and programming a lot without issue.

It seems to be something to do with the micro sd card. As soon as I plugged it out, everything started working again. The brand new SD card seemed to work for a week or so, then stopped. Is there any formatting or special mounting that needs to be done for it?

Um, you might have put a script on the card that bricks the camera. Since we start running any code on the SD card you can call stuff that causes the camera to crash. What kinda of program did you have in the SD card?

You could just format the SD card (fat or exFAT will work) or try a different card.

what do you mean by brick the SD card?

what do you mean by brick. Never heard that term.

Oh, the term brick means to reduce the device to being nonfunctional. I.e. if you were to brick your phone it would no longer be a phone but a paper weight or a brick. It’s just an American colloquialism.