Open MV H7 R2 Led blinking all colors

I was using my camera which worked OK but then the LED started blinking all colours.
Any idea why

Usually it means a firmware panick.

Can you try resetting it back to the factory default state? Click the connect button while the camera is disconnected and follow the dialogs.

well i try but it doesnt do anything any idea why ?

but when i think about it i think i tried it with my friend but we got nowhere and also the computer doesnt recognize the camera at all

It could be any number of reasons.

Please try this. Attach a wire between BOOT0 and RST and then plug into the PC. Please follow the instructions in OpenMV IDE after clicking connect. This will reset it using DFU… this is only needed if the bootloader is bad. But, can recover a camera.

well I measured voltage on the camera and i found out that vcc voltage for the chip was 2.5V and not 3.3V. So i think that regulator died?

Yeah, or something is shorting. It won’t work at that voltage.

I’d look for any burned components.