All LED colors blinking

Hi -

I just received my new OpenMV board from SparkFun. I am able to initially connect to the camera through the IDE, but I cannot run any scripts. I have tried updating the firmware, and it successfully completes, but after the camera restarts all I see is all the LED colors blinking. No matter what I do, all the LEDs blink all the time.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Brian

Windows 10 64-bit

Hi, this indicates a hard fault. Can you try re updating the firmware and waiting until the blue light flashes repeatedly after programming finishes before reconnecting? Also, please erase the whole flash drive when the GUI prompts you. It should work then.

Finally, please reprogram it without an SD card installed.

There should be an error log stored on the disk.

Thank you for your help…

I went through the DFU process with no SD card installed as you suggested. After the DFU firmware update, I disconnected the USB cable, removed the jumper, and reconnected the camera. All the LEDs are still flashing indicating a fault condition.

After this, I tried reloading the firmware (without DFU), and the IDE just hangs at “Connecting” forever. If I click cancel, I get a message that says “Unable to connect to your cams normal bootloader.” If I click OK it just offers to DFU again. All LEDs still blinking.

The ERROR.LOG file contains the following:
Failed to init sensor, error:-2

Email us for a replacement camera. I’ll have it shipped out this week.

We… Do QA on all cameras however. Not sure how it made it out of the factory.

Email sent. Thank you for the troubleshooting help and great customer service. These things happen.