M7 Bricked

My M7 module seems to be bricked. I’ve followed the IDE instructions, but it still doesn’t work. It just doesn’t enumerate anymore. The LED keeps just flahsing after the LED turned green. Can someone please send me the instructions on how to resolve this on a Mac OSX 10.10.5? TIA!

What color does the LED flash? Also, please remove any USD that’s inserted when updating it. Let me know, thanks.

The LED is flashing rapidly and it looks like a white color. There is not USD inserted. Thanks.

Oh, the white LED flashing is a hardware error. Um, can you try loading the DFU image instead of the bin image?

The openmv.dfu file? Note that you need to have all the dependencies installed for the pydfu.py script to run on your Mac.

Uploaded the openmv.dfu file, but the LED still flashes white after the reprogramming dialog completed.

I’m pretty much experiencing the same problem/behavior described here:

When you wrote, “DFU is painfully slow.” How slow? 5 mins, 1 hour, a day?

DFU takes 5 minutes.

Is this a new OpenMV Cam M7? Also, can you check what the error log.txt file on the camera says? Does the uPy flash drive show up when you connect it to the PC?

It was pre-ordered back on December 15 directly through your website (purchased by guy.power@nasa.gov) so it’s probably one the first boards shipped out.

It’s been stored in our lab until now when we decided to use it for one of our projects.

How can access the log.txt file on the camera when it doesn’t show as an external driver anymore?

How can see the uPy flash drive on a mac?


Mmm, okay, can you try to find a Windows PC and run the DFU bootloader on that? The USB flash drive failing to appear means that the firmware image is basically dead. However, the camera should be unbrickable with DFU. I’m thinking there may be a problem with pydfu on Mac.

I used a Windows 10 machine as you suggested, but the LED still continues flashing white after running the Bootloader from the IDE and it completes.

Okay, send me an email for a replacement.

I just sent you email to openmv@openmv.io

Thank you for offering a replacement.