Failed upgrade (Help!)

Not sure what I have done incorrectly but hopefully its recoverable.
Had OpenMV cam working, IDE prompted me to upgrade when openning, clicked on Download and nothing happened. Went to Tools | Bootloader and selected firmware\OPENMV2\bootloader.bin, it then prompted me to disconnect and re-connect, it appeared to upload the firmware. since this it no longer works
When plugged in Green LED flashes 2/3 times, windows does not detect it.
When in DFU mode, windows detects it and I can see in device manager under USB bus controllers its connected as ‘STM Device in DFU Mode’ but there isn’t a COM port associated with it.
Any help to recover this will be much appreciated.

(Using Windows 7)

Yeah, you had to install the firmware.bin file. Sorry about this being confusing right now.

Um, go to the OpenMV GitHub page and then go to the wiki. There’s an article I wrote on how to unbrick your cam using DFU. Use windows, the DFU tool for Mac and Linux doesn’t work.

selected firmware\OPENMV2\bootloader.bin,

The cam can Not be bricked, unless you use DFU to overwrite the bootloader, you just uploaded the bootloader instead of the main app, so now you have 2 bootloaders.

clicked on Download and nothing happened

That just launches the browser to github, it seems it’s not working on Windows. You can download the latest release here:

Thanks to both of you for the quick response, now rectified.
For future (and others) reference the article is…