Reset doesn't work

I’ve got a problem with my OpenMV H7…it won’t reset. When I press ‘reset’ in the IDE, it starts turning red for a second and then blinks green, like when it is connecting or starting. Do you know, how else I could reset the camera? I’ve got a problem that wasn’t there before, and I have to reset the camera because of that (I tested the code on my friend’s camera, so it is definitely not the camera).

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That’s it being reset… The red is the IDE flushing the disk to the camera and then the green is the bootloader running again. Your code runs after the green light stops if you loaded a script on it.

If you want to delete the script on board try to reflash the firmware.

It doesn’t reset…there is still everything on the camera after I pressed reset and waited for it to finish. My code, the network I saved. Normally, it would all get deleted, if I reset the camera, right? Or do I do something wrong?

How do I reflash the firmware?

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What do you mean by reset exactly ? Do you want to erase the file system ?

Well, the code I ran before on that camera always worked fine. For some reason, without any changes, it started to not work. There were no updates, no added code, no added externalities. It just stopped working as intended.

So I thought, maybe a reset of the camera would help (the button you can click within the IDE, if a camera is connected, that erases everything and resets the camera). But this didn’t work. Everything was still on the camera.

So is there something that I am doing wrong? Is that not the reset I am looking for? And if that is not the reset I am looking for, is there a way, to completely erase everything from the camera and “restart” it completely? Because I hope, that could help to fix the camera. Otherwise, it might be broken…

Another weird thing is, the problem I have, only appears when not connected to the laptop with the IDE running…if I connect it to the laptop with IDE, everything works just fine. Do you know, why that could be? Do both problems, the reset thing and this, maybe have the same origin? Is it something I can’t fix, because the camera is broken? Or do I simply have to erase everything and basically restart the camera? If you need a more detailed description, please let me know.

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Ok, just in case you need a description, I’ll give it to you now.

My camera is supposed to send a signal to an arduino when it detected something. This arduino then blinks with an led, and sends a signal back, when it’s done. Very easy, nothing complicated and it always worked fine.

But then suddenly, when I tested it one more time to make sure it works before I change something, the following happened.

The camera detected the thing, sent a signal, the arduino blinked with the led and sent the signal back. Everything fine. But now, the camera would stop detecting and instead blink it’s own green light (like when it turns on). It would do that every 5 seconds, so detecting something would be impossible…

As soon as I connected it to the IDE, to figure out, what the problem could be, everything worked just fine. It did what it was supposed to do, as many times as I wanted.

But then disconnected from the IDE, it wouldn’t work anymore.

I have not changed any of my code or any of my wiring, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It is weird, that it works, when connected to the IDE, but as soon as it runs on battery and with an arduino only, it doesn’t work…

Do you know, why? How could I fix that problem? Would a reset of the camera would be enough?

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How much power are you supplying to the camera? The system draws about 150ma. If the script doesn’t work when not plugged into the PC it would be that the system is browning out as it’s not getting enough power from whatever power supply you are providing.

Note that 150mA is much more current that what other microcontrollers like an Arduino would draw. So, you might not have run into this before.

I’m not sure, maybe is corrupted and that causes the camera to reset. Either way, you can “reset” the firmware+filesystem from Tools->Run Bootloader and make sure “Erase internal filesystem” is checked.