Different ways for camera reset

I am trying to reset the camera in order to access saved images from windows, whithout using the IDE.
When I use pyb.hard_reset() or machine.reset() commands, I loose images saved since the last camera boot. It is the same when I use a SD card.
If I use the reset pin, I don’t loose images.
I didn’t found a way to reset the camera directly from Windows.

Therefore I have 2 questions :
Is there a way to reset the camera from Windows that should be done automatically ? (From the terminal, from a script or from a C programm…)
How to reset the camera from the internal software whithout loosing saved images ?

This sounds like a bug. Please open a bug report in the GitHub for it to get fixed.

My problem did not come from the reset functions but from the condition that trigge a reset. I was reading the memory from the camera at the same time I was writing from the PC.

Therefore I found anoher way to reset the camera from Windows :
I use devcon.exe
And I use the command line :
devcon.exe restart “USB\VID_1209&PID_ABD1”
The terminal must be open as an administrator

Got it, but please open a bug on our GitHub so it’s track and so we can get this fixed for you.