Reset OpenMV camera from a Processing sketch


Apologies in advance for a question that I think is fully due to my lack of Python knowledge…

If I have a Processing sketch connected to the camera via the serial port, what command do I send to reset the camera? I assume it’s some variation on this from here:

def reset():
    __serial.write(struct.pack("<BBI", __USBDBG_CMD, __USBDBG_SYS_RESET, 0))

… but I don’t know enough about how to translate between Python and C++ to have confidence in how to do this correctly in Processing.

Thanks for any help!

Hi, I can’t help with processing.

However, this is literally sending 6 bytes.

Byte0 = __USBDBG_CMD
Byte2 = 0
Byte3 = 0
Byte4 = 0
Byte5 = 0